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This page includes links to some articles relating to Christianity that you may enjoy.  (Two articles aren't related to our faith, but were written for fun and were published in "Perspectives" magazine.  They were written, from the perspective of the author's cars.  Car buffs may enjoy these...)  All were written by one of our founders, Cynthia.  


Feel free to print them if you wish, but please do not publish without contacting the author first.  You can do that by clicking here.  Thank you!


bulletAwakenings (God wants us to enjoy life and this is proof of that!)
bulletBoundaries (they aren't selfish and un-Christian, they are loving!)
bulletConquering Depression (several valuable strategies to conquering the effects of depression in your life)
bulletDealing With Difficult People (help for dealing with difficult people)
bulletForever (the eternal love and stability of God)
bulletForgiveness (not only the importance of forgiveness, but teachings on how to forgive those who have hurt and abused you)
bulletGod the Father (God as a loving father)
bulletGod the Reconciler (about God's ability to reconcile relationships)
bulletHow I Met Jesus  (my testimony of salvation)
bulletHow To Honor A Difficult Parent (how to obey the commandment to honor your parent when s/he is abusive)
bulletLove (love sometimes needs to be tough...)
bulletThe Love Of God (God loves you, and this is a reminder of just how much!)
bulletNo Other Gods  (about idolatry isn't just worshipping Buddha or other false gods, but other, less thought of things)
bulletOpen My Eyes, Father!  (about how Hagar's eyes were opened to her deliverance, and how we can have the same)
bulletPlymouth Story (about the miraculous way in 2005 God gave me a car that had belonged to my grandfather, then my father, then was sold in 1980)
bulletPower In Words (the words you speak are containers of power!)
bulletPower Of the Tongue (about using wisdom in whom you confide in)
bulletSubmission (how to submit to your husband, God's way)
bulletThe Heart (about pure motives)
bulletThe Truth Shall Set You Free! (facing the truth about who you can count on in life will set you free)
bulletSherman's Story  (fun story from my car's perspective on life, including a picture)


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