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Free Lessons

We offer free lessons and book studies, to discuss various topics as  God leads us.  

Lessons will be posted on this page.  Courses are divided into separate lessons, and not on a time schedule, so you may complete each one as your scheduling permits.  Each lesson will contain a link so you may download it in PDF (Adobe Reader) format.  (Adobe Reader may be downloaded for free at if you don't already have this software).  

You may decide to save or print these lessons for your own use, or for use in a small study.  You are welcome to do so, however if used in a group or church setting, please give credit to Sarah's Daughters.  Thank you!  

Check back!  We hope to add many more courses in the future!

Take your time with each lesson!  Whether a course takes you one week or one year isnít important!  What does matter, however, is you gain the wisdom that God is trying to teach you!

bullet"Boundaries" book study (learn how to have healthy boundaries, stop being a "people-pleaser" and more)
bullet"The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord" book study. (based on the wonderful book by Bishop T.D. Jakes, this course will teach you to take care of yourself,  be a better wife or prospective wife and have a closer relationship with a loving God.)
bullet"Prayer That Availeth Much" course (learn to pray effectively)


Do you have a suggestion for a course?  We'd love to hear it!  We will prayerfully consider any suggestions.  Simply email us with your idea.

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