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"The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord" book study course 

by Sarah's Daughters

 This book is a must read for every Christian woman!  Bishop T.D. Jakes has a great understanding of how the female mind works (yes, ladies, a man can understand us!  lol), and uses this wisdom to teach us to live more fulfilling lives in this amazing book.

Each lesson is available for download below in Adobe reader or PDF, format.  If you donít have this free software program, you can download it at    

Now, letís get started!


To begin this course you need the following supplies:

1.      A journal or notebook (fancy or plain isnít important, so long as it is something you enjoy writing in.)

2.      A pen or pencil that is comfortable for you to use.

3.      If you prefer not to write, use a word processing program on your computer to journal, or one of the many available diary software programs.

4.      An open heart and mind to hear the voice of God as He teaches you through this book.

5.      Naturally, a copy of ď The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord.Ē  

6.   A Bible.

You may decide to save and print these lessons for your own use, or for use in a small group study. You are welcome to do so, however if used in a group or church setting, please give credit to

Thank you!

Click on the links below to download the lessons.

bulletLesson #1
bulletLesson #2
bulletLesson #3

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