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By Cynthia Bailey-Rug



  Have you ever watched the movie, “Awakenings”?  The movie tells the story of several people in a psychiatric hospital who were in a catatonic state until one doctor found a medicine that brought them out of that state temporarily during the summer of 1969.  Leonard is the first patient to awaken after his 30-year catatonia.  He discovers joy in practically everything.  He tells his doctor that he believes their purpose in this awakening is to tell the world to enjoy the little things, and to take nothing for granted.

  Leonard’s words really struck a chord in me while watching this movie.  How many people really do enjoy the little things?  There is beauty all around us that God placed here for our use, but also for our enjoyment.  I believe God has created humans with a love for beauty inside each of us, as we have five senses that appreciate good and lovely things.  Yet most of us are too busy or preoccupied to appreciate the beauty in life. 

  I encourage you to slow down, notice the beauty surrounding you and enjoy it.  Read the Song of Solomon, as it tells of two people enjoying the beauty of being in love.  Take a look at the beauty in your own home- the graceful cat who lounges at your feet as you read this article, the smell of that yummy dinner you have in the oven, the soft sounds of the birds chirping outside your window.  Do you have a spouse?  Then by all means, don’t leave him or her out of this!  Tell that man how handsome he is or how beautiful your wife’s new hairstyle is!  The same thing goes for your children, close friends, and relatives- always reassure them of how special they are to you!  Don’t get into a pattern of taking people for granted either, as that will make relationships miserable, and ultimately destroy them!

  May you enjoy your new awakening to the beauty and wonder in this life!

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