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Isaiah 40:8 “Forever The grass withers and the flowers fall,

but the word of our God stands forever.”


By Cynthia Bailey-Rug


          God is not fickle, like most human beings.  He doesn’t change His mind on a whim, or say, “I never said that!” when the words are right in the Bible.  God is a stable, unchanging Father who only wants to bless His children and help us to grow and prosper. 


          There is great power in His words.  Don’t believe this?  Then read the book of Genesis.  God created the universe and everything in it with words.  The plan of salvation started with words—prophets of the Old Testament spoke of an upcoming Messiah who would restore the relationship between man and God.  The angel Gabriel spoke God’s words to the virgin Mary that she would give birth to this Savior.  Nine months later, she held this baby in her arms. 


          Nothing else in this earth is as incorruptible or as powerful as the word of God!  Never forget this!  Read your Bible, listen to good preaching, read books that feed your faith, and above all treasure His word because it alone will last forever!  You will reap more benefits than you can imagine!  J


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