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Open My Eyes, Father!


By Cynthia Bailey-Rug



Most of us know the story of Abraham and Sarah. How they had no children, and God promised them a son. After waiting many years, they took matters into their own hands, and Sarah gave her maidservant, Hagar, to her husband as a second wife so her babies may become Sarahís. Later, when Sarah had her own baby, she told her husband to send away Hagar and their son. Abraham gave them some supplies, and away they went. While in the desert, supplies ran out and Hagar placed her baby, Ishmael, under a bush to die, while she went a few feet away to die herself. While weeping, an angel of God appeared to Hagar and opened her eyes so she could see the nearby well that would save her and her sonís lives.


While discussing this story with a friend one day, she mentioned how the Lord had recently showed her to pray for Him to open her eyes as He did Hagarís. I thought about what my friend had said, and I too began to ask God to open my eyes. I cannot begin to list all the things the Father has shown me since that first time I asked for opened eyes! I am now seeing more opportunities, blessings, things about myself I need to change to become more Christ-like and Christ-centered, ways to bless others and more! It has also encouraged me to worship the Father more than ever, as I see His hand in my life everywhere I turn. That worship has brought me into a new closeness with the Father.


This new prayer has truly changed my life. I would like to challenge you, dear reader, to ask our Heavenly Father to open your eyes as well. I can promise you that it will bless you greatly, and make the Fatherís presence more real to you than ever.

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