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How I Met Jesus Via The Occult


By Cynthia Bailey-Rug


This is the story of how I came to know Jesus as my Savior. Names have been changed, but facts are all the same.


It started in 1995. My ex husband and I had just separated. Although I honestly didnít love him, I felt such disappointment and guilt for that failed marriage. Iíd also recently become involved with Tom, the man I married in 1998, and was already having problems with his family not approving of me. I felt my life was out of control, and I wanted to be in control. Growing up with a controlling mother, then marrying a controlling man, by this time, at age 24, I felt angry I had never had any control over my life and was determined to get it!


My friend Donna introduced me to Sandy, who read tarot cards, and dabbled in ouija boards and witchcraft. Upon meeting her, she kept staring at me because she saw "the gift" in me. She handed me her cards and told me to read them. When I read those cards, and was amazingly accurate. I told her of something that happened that no one knew anything about, aside from her and her husband. I was so excited!


That year, Tom and I were constantly with Donna, Glenn (Donnaís husband) and Sandy, reading tarot cards and working the ouija board. My interest and Tomís both piqued when one of our first evenings using it, we spoke to who we thought was Tomís recently deceased brother, Don. Don said something and Tom said, "I just knew that was DonÖ no one else would have said that!" From then on, we contacted who we thought were our deceased loved ones, and it felt so good to have these people back in our lives!


One night, something went wrong. We had spoken to who we thought was my great-grandmother via the board. When Sandy was leaving, everyone walked her outside. Suddenly, I got a shooting pain in my back, and about collapsed. That is all I remember until the next morning. I was told that I lost my voice and was "just not there". I remember a vague sensing of sharing my body with another spirit, like there was someone else inside me trying to take over my body. During that time, Glenn went out to get everyone cigarettes. We all smoked different brands, so he came home with five different packs. When he came home, he said he put them on a table, and everyone got theirs but me. Mine vanished and never reappeared, although the others saw it there on that table when he brought it home.


During the following months, we were also supposedly put in touch with those who we were once related to. Reincarnation was discussed often on the board, constantly reminding us we had been here before many times and over many centuries. The really strange part of this was the "memories" of those past lives were as real as any memory in my mind to this day. I still remember some in fact, and am baffled how real they still feel, although I know they arenít.


One of my memories was that I was alive during the 1960ís, and had a huge golden retriever named Magic. Magic supposedly turned out to be reincarnated into my now 15 year old black cat I call Magic.


During this time, I read the Bible for the first time in my life. Sandy told me that the witchcraft we practiced was based on the Bible. So, wanting to learn, I read the Bible. I never saw any passages that say witchcraft is ok. All I found is all witchcraft is bad, period! I also learned of a God who existed (I had never believed in Him before), and who loved me. During this time, I met a lady who told me about Salvation. I clearly saw my need for a Savior. I understood that without a Savior, I was going to hell, no matter how good a person I tried to be. I threw out my board and my cards. God is truly a loving God! I thank Him for saving me!


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