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Who are Sarah's Daughters?

We are Teresa and Cynthia, Christian women who know how difficult it is to be a woman in society today, and hope to help other women learn how to improve their quality of life.

We are also wives who are fed up with marriage being under attack in society today.  Did you know adultery touches the lives of 50% of married couples, and the current divorce rate is up to 60%??   And of the remaining 40% of marriages, most are not as happy as they could be. This is NOT what God wants for His children! 

Please take a look around our website.  We have a message board, Scriptural references about marriage, articles, and more.  We also offer free online classes on various topics.  We welcome prayer requests and offer Biblical advice when asked.  

We also have a companion group you can join if you're interested.  You can see the information and join at the following link:

Click here to join PrincessWives
Click to join PrincessWives


 You can email our group at: PrincessWives@yahoogroups.com (oh, and if you decide to join, please add that email to your address book so group mail doesn't end up in your spam folder!).  Our group offers bi-weekly Scriptures and articles that encourage, challenge and uplift.  We also have testimonies, prayer requests and wonderful conversation with fellow Christian women.


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